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Silver: Inflation Hedge, Store of Value or Great Investment

from SRS Rocco:

One of the greatest difficulties for the precious metal investor is to understand the true value of gold and silver. There is a huge range of analysis on the internet on what the real price of gold or silver should be. While this debate will continue, there still seems to be one factor this is totally overlooked.

Recently, Don Harrold came out with a YouTube video on how silver has been a poor inflation hedge since 1914 as it has underperformed its expected price for most of the time.

The question that was raised to me was…. is Don Harrold’s logic on the silver inflation hedge data accurate? So, of course I had to watch the video because anytime there is good quality work out there that may offer a different opinion than mine… it’s important to check it out.

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1 comment to Silver: Inflation Hedge, Store of Value or Great Investment

  • Interesting arguments, but banking on the imminent collapse of the dollar is not exactly a sound investment strategy. It would be easier and more sensible to hold gold rather than silver unless there was a sudden uptick for silver demand for industrial or medical use.

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