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Sharpton’s CHICAGO Town Hall Erupts: People Want JOBS, Not Gun Control & Powerful Anti-Rahm Emanuel Sentiment

from 68truthseeker:

The Rev. Al Sharpton held a town hall meeting in Chicago’s Hyde Park to address the gun violence in the city, but the discussion quickly turned to a lack of jobs being cited as the root cause of the problem.

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6 comments to Sharpton’s CHICAGO Town Hall Erupts: People Want JOBS, Not Gun Control & Powerful Anti-Rahm Emanuel Sentiment

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    It’s the money, stupid.

  • jonathan

    It’s true what the Banksters and Corporatistas have done to the Black Community in America is disgusting. The richer everyone is the more we end up trading with each and the richer everyone gets. Then the propaganda artists in the media tell the Black people to blame their problems on middle class white guys like me. I’ve dealt with it all my life. It’s proud White guys and proud Black guys fight side by side against these Fascist pieces of shit.

  • jonathan

    I meant it’s time proud White guys and proud Black guys fight side against these Fascist pieces of shit.

  • glitter 1

    With out painting with a broad brush,because it does not apply across the board,the problem in their “community” is cultural and spiritial.There are enough examples of success that collectively they could emulate.For some reason they never connect the dots that they are under constant exploiation by the very individuals they are railing against.There are no easy answers to their problems and it will take much longer than anyone in the room today to ever see a turn around.

    • jonathan

      Hey Glitter in my comment about Jesus being a lucifer and many modern churches hiding the light from the world you never contradicted anything I said with an intelligent argument you just said I was wrong. Please explain in detail how churches that try to keep their followers in darkness are doing the work of God. I repeat to keep people in darkness is evil if you have an intelligent counter argument please let me hear it.

      • glitter 1

        The truth is in the Word Of God,which you already acknowledge as being just alot of words written by men who only wish to oppress/mislead.The truth is that every living soul on the Earth,past,present,future has the wrath of God abiding on them unless the sacrifice of Jesus’ blood is accepted by faith for the propiciation of sin.As I’ve commented to before,your thinking and logic is all over the map.You will never understand God’s Word until you read it,believe it and act on it in faith.The only true copy of God’s Word today is the 1611 KJV Authorized Version,all the others are corrupted,just as it was prophesied would happen in the End Times.You are confused in your understanding,a good starting place is John 1:1.Jesus and Lucifer are not the same.Jesus is the creator,Lucifer was created and desires to be as god and has deceived the whole Earth.The prophecies of the End Times are being fulfilled,which include the defilement of his Word,the church would be infiltrated with false prophets and teachers and that there would be a great “Falling Away” before the end.Even you are witness to this falling away from the truth.If you can’t get past the first chapter of John without scoffing at it then the discussion is fruitless.

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