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Scenario News: 2013 Story of the year. Person of the year. Journalist of the year

from Scenario News:

The story of the year is the Sarin gas attack in Syria. The person of the year is Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib. The journalist of the year is James Corbett.

Why? Because this whole situation had all the ingredients of the worst and the best that we see in the world today.

First the Sarin Gas attack. It fitted all the requirements of a false flag, the scourge of the 20th and the 21st century where lies and deception are used as a trigger to set off wars, death, destruction and lay waste countries for ulterior motives. In this case to break up Syria into pieces and secure a gas pipeline. The evil Asaad, went the story line, was gassing his own people and therefore needed to be bombed into oblivion. Which in all likelihood would have thrown the planet into yet another world war with Syria, Iran, Russia and China on the one side, the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other and the rest of us suckers suffering death and destruction in the inbetween.

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  • Frank Zak

    December 26th, 2013
    The plague of all-cash buyers: Massive market distortions being created by easy money policy. 42 percent of recent purchases recorded no conventional mortgage.

    A plague on both of your houses. Unless of course, you are buying a few extra homes as investments and then the market is conveniently setup for you. The Fed has created a housing market dominated by a herd of investors. There is no hyperbole in this statement when the latest report shows that for the latest month of home sales, 42 percent of sales went to “all-cash” buyers.

    Baby boomers cashing out 401k’s and pensions has not been factored in.
    When will the “experts” realize what is happenning ?

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