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Poll: Americans Love War Criminals

by Kurt Nimmo, infowars:

If we can believe the latest Gallup poll, Americans continue the lamentable trend of fawning over war criminals and the handpicked toadies for the global elite. Hillary Clinton tops the list followed by Barack Obama with George W. Bush coming in right behind him.

“Clinton, the former Secretary of State, Senator from New York, 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, and former first lady, has topped the Gallup survey 18 times, the most in its history,” CNN reports.

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5 comments to Poll: Americans Love War Criminals

  • Me

    The fact that so many ‘mericans continue to revere these politicians is, of course, the reason these contemptible pieces of shit continue to wield political power. As an aside, show me someone who sees the quintessential American politician Abraham Lincoln not as a secular saint, but as a murderous, exploitative piece-of-shit statist thug, and I’ll show you someone who’s beginning to discern truth from state propaganda as it’s promulgated in the USA.

  • heathcow

    The media has done a fantastic job here and we’ve seen nothing yet when it comes to detrimental affects of one small group that controls media, banking, much of leading universities, and most of politics and almost half the supreme court, just to name a few. What is happening is the result of powerful entities playing God with Vengence on the West for past crimes that even their own participated in. China hasn’t flourished and become the rising star by itself. It had help. So did South Africa. Someone is helping North Korea but nobody seems to know who. But I know and so does a lot of people. I think they will succeed in bringing down the West, but they’ll end up crashing themselves. Even all the money they’ve looted via their banking cartel won’t save them.

    • CalsailX

      It’s not about money heathcow… they have more wealth then they can burn in a hundred life times. It’s what they believe is power, the control of you and me. The only weapon to take them down is our consent, they desperate need it. A slave that spends his days plotting your end is no slave at all!

  • CalsailX

    Oops… was that a wrench falling into the machinery they desperately need to control?

  • creditorj

    I don’t understand why anybody still pays any attention to any poll without knowing how it was conducted. You can manipulate any poll to show the results you want, these polls are nothing more than propaganda tools. They seem to be very effective based on the fact the masses continue to place their faith on these fantasies.

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