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Pelosi on Obamacare: ‘It’s a Glorious Thing’

by Susan Jones, CNS News:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says December has been a “great month” for Obamacare sign-ups, and she said things will only get better
as more people enroll.

“It’s worth the trouble. It’s going to be a glorious thing,” Pelosi told a conference call on Monday.

“It’s about life, a healthier life, liberty, the freedom to pursue our happiness. It honors the vows of our founders. A person can follow his or her passion and not be chained by a policy, so they could start a business, be self-employed, change jobs. It’s a very, very exciting thing. And it’s about wellness and prevention. It’s about the health of America, not just the health care for Americans.

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12 comments to Pelosi on Obamacare: ‘It’s a Glorious Thing’

  • usmc0311

    it is amazing to me that Nancy still runs her mouth and is determined to go down with the sinking ship. For this communist traitor to America to talk about our founders and freedoms is laughable and disgusting. This is the same broad that was caught saying “we will have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” then proceeded to laugh about it. She still calls herself a representative which is also laughable. The morons in Kalifornia that elected this thing deserve what they get.

    • Ed_B

      “The morons in Kalifornia that elected this thing deserve what they get.”

      Yes, they do… unfortunately, the rest of us do not but we’re getting it anyway. This is why idiots should not be allowed to vote. All they do is elect other idiots and perpetuate the stupidity in the public arena.

    • jonathan

      She’s a Fascist not a Communist unlike the bullshit written by Marx and Engels Communism refers to a system of organizing a community in reality the Amish are Communist. This pig Nazi Pelosi is a Fascist all the way.

  • stan

    What an idiot…

    keep it going folks

  • Joe

    It is a glorious thing for her and her people that have taken over our country. Nancy Pelosi is a Jew Zionist ( no different than fellow Californians, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer) , she is NOT of Italian descent like so many/most people think!

    Obamacare has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with the final take over of America, just what the Zionists have planned!

    • jonathan

      Joe you’re a loser there are tons of people involved in this plot to create a Fascist world and most of them are of northern European descent and they couldn’t care less about Israel or Zionism they want power that’s it. You’ve been brainwashed by bullshit propaganda. I’m glad most people are waking up to reality and are not living in your fantasy world.

    • jonathan

      Joe I assume you believe the Catholic Church was run by Jews when it oppressed Northern Europe and British Feudalism was also done by the Jews and the Vikings who raped and robbed the coasts of the North Sea they were big blond haired blue eyed Jews

  • zorbo

    Hey Nancy I just have one question for you and everyone else in the National Government. If it is so great, why are you not signing up for it too? Instead of your congressional insurance policies which we the people are paying for also. All of you in congress should have to live where you just shit.

  • Isaac

    She belongs in a mental institution for her remaining years. Or is that too kind?

  • Hoser

    I’m not gonna lie; Pelosi is one dumb bitch! Who the fuck votes for these people?

  • Hoser

    I fear for her safety when the Revolution starts. Actually, I don’t. Lock and Load gentlemen.

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