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Paying for People’s Groceries — Merry Christmas!

from LAHWF:

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10 comments to Paying for People’s Groceries — Merry Christmas!

  • MoFo

    Wow! great idea! Why didn’t I think of that. Wonder how the girl at the counter, that is WORKING feels abot it. Maybe, we should at least pay the girls rent….yeah the one who is WORKING.

  • MoFo

    Ought to call this…CRYING OVER A CANALOPE….did it ever occur to someone to go the the Veteran’s Home? Maybe Momma could bake a pie…bring your kids in tow, make a day of it.

    Stare down the barrel of a “lost, but not forgotton VET”, and quit crying over an “F” ing canalope. Listen to the music on each of the wards…it might wake youz up

    PS go ahead a scold me over my spelling…goober

  • Sosayweall

    So wait a second: people get their groceries paid for, even though they usually use the money that was robbed from the productive part of society at gun point to pay for their stuff?
    What’s so great about that? By that meassure I am Santa Claus all fracking year long!

    • jonathan

      Why don’t you start attacking the Banksters and Corporations that force these people into poverty so they need government assistance instead of attacking those who are suffering. Fox News has really brainwashed you well. Do you believe there are jobs everywhere and these people just don’t want to work don’t you know were in a recession. If you keep focusing on those who suffer instead of those who oppress the poor will always need assistance

  • Jim H

    Sean and team, Thanks for posting this. If you look at the authentic surprise, and the deep gratefullness expressed by the moms given free groceries… you can’t argue that for them, this increment of savings is very, very meaningful. For me, it really goes to show how close to the edge so many Americans are… who the heck knows whether these folks are, or are not, getting any type of redistribution benefit.. it really doesn’t matter.. to me. If you were to give me free groceries, I would be embarrassed and uncomfortable, since there are so many who really need it more… the only thing that pisses me off is the mentality of thinking one deserves free shit.. and I don’t see evidence of that here.

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