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OUTLOOK 2014 – Hyperinflation Not Around The Corner: Johns Hopkins

from KitcoNews:

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4 comments to OUTLOOK 2014 – Hyperinflation Not Around The Corner: Johns Hopkins

  • Mike

    I kept thinking to myself as he was talking seated in front of file cabinets, where is his teletype machine.

  • Ed_B

    “Hyperinflation Not Around The Corner”

    Yeah? Well, then lets just file this under “we don’t recognize a problem until it hits us in the face”. The stock market hit all time highs in Zimbabwe just before the currency crashed and burned. Everyone thought that things were going great… until they weren’t. How different can it be here with the massive debt and money printing going on?

  • Dan C

    This statist economist is just spouting the party line and cannot be trusted.

    You have to consider the increase in derivatives by the banks in any discussion of currency as they are creating a huge amount of money to manipulate almost every market with these derivatives. Ergo the stock market just went up 30% this year, is that not hyperinflation? How about bitcoin’s dramatic increase. Is that not another sign of hyperinflation?

    He also did not mention how GDP was recently manipulated to show growth. GDP is actually negative if the real rate of inflation is applied to it as well.

  • Pepe

    But it’s “bank money” that’s being inflated not real money. It’s Kitco, what did you expect?

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