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Op-Ed: Women The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Gun Rights Movement

by Raquel Okyay, Ammo Land:

Women seeking to arm themselves and their daughters are figuring out that guns are not ‘taboo’ but a powerful means of protection.

“Women are the holy grail of the Second Amendment movement,” said Skip Coryell nationally recognized firearm expert and author of the newly released The Shadow Militia.

The Second Amendment will stand or fall depending on the way women vote, he said. “Women make-up about 52% of the population and they vote with a mind of their own.”

Women and particularly women with children have been raised with an idea that guns are dangerous. Yet once women get over their initial fear of the firearm, they feel empowered by it, he said. “Women want to be armed and capable.”

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2 comments to Op-Ed: Women The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Gun Rights Movement

  • Ed_B

    Women instinctively know that they are generally smaller, slower, and weaker than men. Yes, there are many exceptions to this but on average it is true. This is not about politics. It is simple biology. That said, I believe that many women are simply tired of being victims. They want more from life than merely playing the victim in every violent situation. Whether or not a shot is fired, the very presence of a firearm in the hands of someone willing to use it in their own defense will often end a crime before it can escalate.

    As men, it is our primary responsibility to protect our loved ones. But we do not have to shoulder this task all by ourselves. Part of that protection includes helping our ladies become responsible gun owners who can confidently protect themselves whether we are handy for the job or not. We owe them that at the very least.

    Since many people are sensitive to recoil, it is good to find out if your ladies have that problem. If they do, then make sure that any shooting practice involving them uses a gun that fits their hands and doesn’t have an excessive amount of recoil. A small caliber gun that a person can shoot well will serve their self-defense needs far better than a bigger caliber gun that frightens them to shoot it.

  • jonathan

    There’s nothing sexier than a naked woman holding a shotgun, especially if it’s loaded.

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