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Obama Wins ‘Lie of the Year’ Award!

by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism:

It was a catchy political pitch and a chance to calm nerves about his dramatic and complicated plan to bring historic change to America’s health insurance system.

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” President Barack Obama said — many times — of his landmark new law. But the promise was impossible to keep.

Here, Eric Bolling discusses this with a Democrat and a Republican.

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1 comment to Obama Wins ‘Lie of the Year’ Award!

  • Ann

    He also didn’t tell the truth when he said radiation from Japan’s nuclear meltdowns (Fukushima) would not reach the U.S. in harmful amounts.

    Read the headlines on ENENEWS to learn how radiation from Japan’s crisis blanketed the U.S. and was found in U.S. rain, air, drinking water, milk, etc.

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