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Obama the One Percenter

from breakingtheset:

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  • rich

    Obama and the Pope Versus the Ayn Rand Corporate Front Groups

    Yesterday, President Obama appealed to fellow Americans to help him focus Congress on efforts to stem the unprecedented income inequality in our Nation. Tonight, one of the denizens of the greed-is-good corporate front groups, Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute, will attack that message in a speech at NYU.

    New York University presents an ideal forum for Brook. It’s a microcosm of the pitched battle for the soul of America. The Wall Street cartel has oozed itself into NYU’s boards, municipal bond issuance, student loans, mortgage loans, credit cards and naming rights on buildings and auditoriums. NYU now has the highest tuition in the country, crippling student debt, while it simultaneously doles out forgivable loans to elite administrators for mansions in the suburbs.

    As a determined group of over 400 faculty attempt to restore the University to its core educational mission and reduce the need for student loans, they are being maligned by the pro Wall Street university leadership much as any populist message is maligned on the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal.
    The Pope’s question can best be answered by those of us who have spent years unraveling the insidious corporate front groups posing as think tanks; brainwashing young people at an early age; and now openly pumping the Ayn Rand greed-is-good message directly into high schools and colleges through incentive based programs to distribute Rand’s books for free to students.

    Yaron Brook is Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute. Its Chair is Arline Mann, a retired Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs & Company. In 2011, Brook was paid $386,623 by the nonprofit (the most recent tax return available), but stridently opposes any increase in the Federal minimum wage.

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