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Obama Administration Stripping Returning Vets Right to Own a Firearm: 100,000 Vets lose 2nd Amendment Rights

from Off Grid Survival:

Under the Obama Administration we’ve already seen a significant downsizing of our military, in what some are calling a purge of anyone who holds “patriotic views.” But now we’ve learned that under this administration, over 100,000 Veterans have been stripped of their 2nd amendment rights to own a firearm.

When a returning Vet becomes eligible for disability compensation, often because they were severely injured in the field of battle, they have to go through a review process with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). During this process, a number of Vets, for a variety of reasons, are sometimes found to be unable to manage their own benefits. If this happens they are assigned a financial manager who overseas their benefits.

But here’s the kicker, the second this happens they are put on a list of Mental Defectives and stripped of their right to own a firearm. They get entered into the F.B.I. NICS System, and can no longer legally own or buy a firearm.

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5 comments to Obama Administration Stripping Returning Vets Right to Own a Firearm: 100,000 Vets lose 2nd Amendment Rights

  • dan

    and people still want to vote for the idiots that are in office..NOW…both parties are a threat to this country and its CITIZENS…..and when TSHTF..those in uniform will be easily recognized as the enemy….Semper Fi

  • Joe

    Okay, some of those guys who come back have severe trauma. There’s actually a lot of them and when they come back and return to the normal life where there’s a lot less adrenaline kicks, they lose it. And you don’t want to be near any of them when they do. It’s safer for them and everybody else.
    Not everybody should have a gun in America, whatever what you did in the past. It’s a right but you do need to qualify to make sure you don’t use it against others to do anything but defend yourself.
    Arms are to defend. And when it’s clear you might do something else with it you lose the right. I’m sorry guys but I’m with it.

    • Johnny Fever

      Come on Joe .. This is BS so the government has the right to strip you of your basic constitutional rights based on a government Doctor telling people they don’t have a right to defend them self .. Prior Restraint is not a legitimate reason … Do you understand Freedom?

    • Ed_B

      “And when it’s clear you might do something else with it you lose the right.”

      Unless the Gov has some way of KNOWING the future, how do they know what anyone MIGHT do? Hey, Joe, you MIGHT be a terrorist, so maybe we better lock you up in Gitmo to make sure that you don’t harm anyone. This is a slippery slope that virtually all tyrants take before they are brought down. We don’t want to take even a single step down that path. It surely leads to The Dark Side with nothing by misery, suffering, and death at the end.

      @Johnny Fever

      “Do you understand Freedom?”

      Clearly not if he is “down with” violating people’s constitutional rights based on what some Gov employee thinks someone MIGHT do at some point in the future. Hell, none of us knows what someone else might do. When the SHTF, most of us do not even know for sure what WE will do, let alone what someone else will or won’t do.

  • dan

    @ Joe

    if you have to ask permission or qualify …it is NOT a right….and by the way not everyone in America has a gun…. but I do ,so I guess I need to thank you for allowing me to have one…….you sir are either a poster child for tyranny or a fool.. maybe both…imho….Semper Fi

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