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NSA, NDAA, Real ID Act – Rep. Justin Amash says Congress must Correct Dangerous Path

by Joshua Cook, Freedom Outpost:

Leaders in Washington are fighting direct threats to liberty: the NDAA, the Real ID act, and NSA programs.

In an interview with the, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) said, “I think it’s scary the direction the government is going, regardless of whether you have a Republican President or a Democratic President. We have an executive branch that is getting way too powerful, and President Obama is setting the stage for something very dangerous in the future.”

“I think as a Congress we have to step up and point out when the President is going beyond his constitutional powers, which is frequent, and we have got to do something about it and we haven’t done that as a Congress,” he said.

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4 comments to NSA, NDAA, Real ID Act – Rep. Justin Amash says Congress must Correct Dangerous Path


    Merry Christmas people of Oklahoma and the United States! Congressman M. Mullin (OK-R)
    and Senator Jim Inhofe (OK-R) both voted “FOR” N.D.A.A. Shame on you!!!

  • jef

    Nothing will ever get corrected as long as people believe that congress must do it. Take back your power.

  • BT

    One would think Mr. Amash would recognize that his colleagues are not there to represent the people, only themselves and corporate interest for profit. How else can a group claiming to take an oath to defend your constitutional rights be so dead set on destroying each and every one of them? The Constitution is but a piece of paper whose only strength lie within the people to ensure it is empowered, the question is are there enough people educated in this nation to defend it?

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