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No Bubbles Here

by Andy Hoffman,

For anyone that still believes TPTB are actually “geniuses in disguise,” I present exhibit #1; the financial “Maestro” himself, Alan Greenspan.  His business career would make a great comic book; of how he started as an avid Ayn Rand disciple, penning Gold and Economic Freedom in 1966, before “turning to the dark side” upon becoming Fed Chairman in 1987.  Clearly, the stars were aligned to create a true classic tragic hero – as just months after his appointment, a major stock crash occurred.

It was at this point, armed with full government approval (as evidenced by creation of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets) that he forsook all he had learned, in the pursuit of wealth and power.  Over the subsequent two decades – before handing the reins– he engineered the modern “alchemy” that has destroyed global economic activity, setting into motion the final throes of a doomed monetary system.

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