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New Afghanistan Rules of Engagement Are Criminal

from AVN:

The new rules of engagement allow any terrorist, of afghan insurgent to simply go into any home and our guys can’t touch him. “Home Free” Remember when you played tag? Obama gives them a 100% Can’t Touch Me clause in the newest security agreement. This is Aiding & Abetting The Enemy… a.k.a. TREASON.

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4 comments to New Afghanistan Rules of Engagement Are Criminal

  • misterkel

    WHAT?!? You mean US soldiers can’t just go into any home in Afghanistan they want and yank out suspected terrorists? Gee whiz, Beav, this might lead to something awful. We might have to give the Afghan people actual rights!

  • Ed_B

    The Afghan people will have exactly the rights that the Taliban allow them to have. If we learned anything from the Vietnam experience, hopefully, it is that insurgents do not go away and they cannot be defeated over the long term. Yes, we can beat them in every battle and still lose the war. They will simply outlast us. Again.

  • j christensen

    we are not aiding and abetting the “enemy”. mostly I look forward to your commentary but this time I think your way off. the question is what are we doing there at this point chasing people around and dragging them out of their homes? did you note poppy production is the highest it’s ever been there. now Obama may be selling out our troops with the new rules but that’s all cured by simply leaving.

  • Robert Johnsson

    Afghanistan´s Enemy is The US/NATZO O C C U P A T I O N !
    If the AmEriKKans are there—-THEY ARE the Enemy!
    They will always be THE target….and rightly so!

    U.S.I….go back to thy own borders…NOW!
    The world is fed up with thy fascist shit.

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