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Microsoft Expands Encryption Use to Thwart NSA Surveillance

by Dennis Fisher, Threat Post:

In response to the growing set of revelations about the NSA’s surveillance methods and alleged compromise of some large technology vendors’ services, Microsoft is taking a number of steps to try and reassure customers about the integrity of the company’s offerings and to greatly expand the use of encryption across its services.

Microsoft said that in the next few months it will be improving and expanding its use of encryption, specifically in its cloud services such as Azure, and Office 365. The company recently announced that it would be improving the encryption services on Office 365, but this new initiative goes well beyond that effort. Microsoft will be implementing Perfect Forward Secrecy on its cloud service and also will be moving to 2048-bit keys. This applies to data in transit between customers and Microsoft’s servers, but it also will be applied to information moving among the company’s data centers.

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