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Another Fine Example of the Madness of a LOST Society: Fights Break Out Across America Over Latest Air Jordans Release

from ZeroHedge:

There was a time in America when retail brawls only broke out around Thanksgiving dinner time (and increasingly earlier with every passing year). It appears that’s no longer the case as the recent release of the Air Jordan 11s reveals.

USA Today reports that following the release of Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue sneakers on Saturday, “the nation just about fell apart.” One week ago, a crowd tore down a mall door just to get an advance ticket to buy the $185 Jordans. With the shoes now officially on sale, the world appears to be ending.

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9 comments to Another Fine Example of the Madness of a LOST Society: Fights Break Out Across America Over Latest Air Jordans Release

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Leave a comment.

  • mr260

    blow up from black slavery. You American should have them alone in Africa back then.

  • Joe

    When I see videos like this with headlines claiming “Americans” are behaving this way, it infuriates me. These people are NOT Americans. These people are “hood rats” ( does that sound like English to you they are speaking?) …and in videos from so called Black Friday, they were either “hood rats” or Mexicans, most of which, no doubt, were ILLEGALS!

    • jonathan

      Joe all you ever do is leave racist ignorant comments I now ton of racists but they keep their attitudes to themselves like they should. If you’re not going to make intelligent arguments shut up. Fuck off and take your hate and shove it up your ass.

      • Joe

        Nothing racists at all in what I said! Facts are facts! Truth is the truth. . …and you have proven over the course of many many months to be a shill for the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center!

        • jonathan

          Just cause I hate people who ignorantly blame all the problems of the world on certain religions or certain skin colours doesn’t make me a shill for anybody. I know because i’ve studied anthropology that all humans commit evil because of primal instincts and for no other reason not for religion not because of their skin colour because of their animal instincts.

  • Ed_B

    If this is the behavior we can expect from some silly holiday sale, just imagine the histrionics that will ensue when the SHTF and people cannot get sufficient food, water, fuel, or meds. And some people wonder why so many of us arm ourselves. :-/

  • Mark S Mann


    You got that right. These “people” are savages. When SHTF does happen, these will be the people who will be causing wide spread looting and violence. For the real “people” this video footage should serve a graphic evidence on what to expect if you live in an area where savages like this are in close proximity to you and your family.

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