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With extremely long lines at local stores on Black Thursday despite freezing temperatures, many Americans seem absolutely oblivious to the economic implosion that’s fast approaching.

Even more startling, many Americans do not seem to care that the Republic itself which has guaranteed their right to be uniformed and unengaged, is collapsing around them.

Shot just miles from my home, the line outside the local Target store was filled with hundreds of people who have probably never heard of Gerald Celente, Andy Hoffman, Michael Snyder or Peter Schiff. And most of them are completely unprepared for the end of the US Dollar paradigm which has made their complacency possible.

Indeed, the more things get worse for the average American, the more things seem to stay the same.

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  • Joe

    It’s called black FRIDAY, not Thursday.

  • Mark S Mann

    Hello Friends,

    Hope you had a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving with your families!

    How Sad:

    A bunch of people buying a bunch of shit they don’t need with money they don’t have.

    I have already seen some Youtube footage of the sick and disgusting consumerism taking place weekend, and all I can say is I am not taking part. Ever!

    Let the sheep fight over the junk we don’t need or want.
    Thanksgiving 2006 I gave away my TV to the less fortunate and have never replaced it!
    It’s been 7 years this week, and it has been great.

    Thanks for all your hard work SGT Crew!

    Stay Warm Friends!

    • SGT

      Thanks for all of your contributions to enlighten & inform people Mark, we need more honorable cops – and Americans – like you.

    • Ed_B

      Thanks, Mark, and the same to you. πŸ™‚

      I had a very nice Thanksgiving with family and then spent the day on Friday relaxing and being thankful for all of the good people and things in my life. Yes, I wish that everyone could be as fortunate as I have been but it is sad that so many are not.

      I know what you mean about the sheeple stampede at the stores. People seem to lose all sense when they are questing after trinkets of various kinds. Those of us who know that the S will HTF, and probably sooner rather than later, were busy doing other things… like shopping on-line for various preps that we know we are going to need. For me, that included 1,000 additional rounds of AK ammo, some silver, and a water filtration system that I put together myself. No, I did not get an X-Box, i-crap from China, or any other useless trinkets. But I did get some very useful things, nonetheless… and all without going out into nasty weather or surging crowds.

      That said, given the madness that people exhibit when shopping for trinkets, just imagine the levels of depravity and insanity that will ensue once the S really does HTF. Prepare well, friends.

  • andrew james

    Jim Rogers says that the average person will be wiped out. The crowd here isn’t average. The sheep will get sheared again. boo hoo

  • Tim

    Yup. I had to go out today to have my car serviced. The retail store parking lots (e.g. Kohl’s, Academy Sports & Outdoors) in the Greenville, SC area were PACKED. I just shook my head as I realized that most people are in for a rude awakening.

  • Isaac

    Off subject a bit, but I witnessed a similar mentality (minus the violence) at the grocery stores leading up to Thanksgiving. So many sheeple running around like turkeys with their heads cut off, in a mad frenzy to purchase their holiday meal.

    My point is, this sort zombified behavior goes well-beyond people buying useless crap on Black Thursday/Friday. It’s more complex than that. It’s an indictment of who we have become as a people: selfish, aggressive, competitive, mindless.

    Every year it gets worse, and behavior that was once reserved for the day after Thanksgiving has steadily trickled into other areas and occasions. Or no occasion at all. Sad.

  • jayko

    It is sad to see the madness of the sheeple. People waiting in line of 3 blocks long, been in the sideline for most of Thanksgiving just for what– an xbox? People today live empty lives and fill them with material things in order to make them feel better.

    Sad to say is that we the people who are awake and are barking like a broken record are seen as mad/crazy by most of the zombified masses. At some point we just give up preaching because none of them would ever listen to us, most even find us irritating. I say let them do what they have to do and all I want from them in exchange is give me the space to do what I need to do. When the time comes where “teotwawki” event occurs, I know that I am much ahead of the game. Good luck to feeding your family with that xbox or igadget.

  • Troy

    I did not buy anything from a store today, except a headlight for my sons truck. I DID HOWEVER, ordered 40 Sic Semper Tyrannis for SD Bullion today. This year for Christmas, I will be buying “Peace on Earth” SBSS rounds for my family members and children.

  • Brian

    I look forward to your madness of a lost society I hope you do a new one this year. It’s a good reminder what we as Americans seek after.
    Thanks for all you do

    • SGT

      Thanks Brian, with 4 kids, a wife and a full time job, this is all I had time to produce this year for Black ___Day (and it still took 8 hours). Sadly, it’s all old news now any way. The whole world is well aware that the American culture in general has declined into a perpetual state of warfare, vanity and madness.

  • Troy

    FROM SD Bullion…not for SD Bullion…LOL

  • Anthony

    Its seems that the global elite are good people since they are trying to depopulate the planet of stupid people. Smart people like us know what they are doing (fluoride in water, gmo’s, vaccines, pharma drugs, ect) and which is why we avoid falling into their plans.

    This world doesnt have room for stupid people.

    Now imagine this once the whole economy collapses or if the SHTF. People do this to each other for toys and electronics, imagine what they will do for food and water. Stock up heavily on guns and ammo people.

  • Steve

    Mass Consumerism.. yeah have fun with that.

  • Mark S Mann


    Look at this disgusting shit. Does this make anyone proud to be an American?

    What garbage. How Sad.

    • AgShaman

      This is mind control. These mass consumer automatons are built with the teevee and media hypnotic pulses. They are now doubling down with frequency warfare also.

      Many can never be reached. Few within the herd will be able to wake up in time.

    • Ed_B

      No,none of this nonsense makes any of us proud to be Americans. What does make us proud, though, is watching and being part of people pulling together after some disaster has brought death, despair, and destruction to our local community. THAT is what makes us proud… and well it should.

  • Jeff

    Thank you SGT for doing this. It is your tradition.

  • JC


    Thank you for your efforts on this site. I have learned so much from your interviews and articles. You are one of the gifted ones in the alternative media. In fact, I think you’re fast becoming the Matt Drudge of the REAL alternative media. Be well and carry on.

  • Andrew

    We are a small crowd that knows of Sean, Schiff, Keiser, Rickards, Celente, Roberts, Snyder, Smith, Hoffman. et al. However, we are at the leading edge of a new intelligence and this I give thanks. I’m sure many books will be written in the future about these times, of people who knew it was coming. People will figure it out in their own time (or not). The main thing is being able to make it through the transition. This will be harder than most of us can imagine. The main thing is not to lose heart.

  • Anon Patriot

    Problem: “When you buy stuff made in China, you support workers and businesses in China. As I mentioned in a recent article, the U.S. economy loses approximately 9,000 jobs for every 1 billion dollars of goods that are imported from overseas.

    Overall, the U.S. has run a total trade deficit with the rest of the world of more than 8 trillion dollars since 1975.

    So when you look around and see lots of unemployed people, it should not be a surprise to you.”

    Solution: BUY MADE IN THE USA, when buying NEW, and keep your $$ in THIS country. Or, just buy USED, locally, or from a seller within the USA, such as on

    Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation

    You will never look at Black Friday the same again. (Video, 12 mins., 47 secs.)

  • Jacobson

    Shopping is the american religion .

  • dave


    figured I`d give you a thanks for your work on this website too, sgt is now my first stop when surfing,

    as for our topics here, really impressed by how fast the articles turn over, and catch my self reading them all,
    Im really surprised things have stayed together as long as they have , guess when things do crash, it will still leave us a little numb , along with the oh , sheet, it finally went down factor,

    on the topic of shopping, LOL, I wandered over to midway usa and bought some things, I have been needing,
    no crowd, no hassle, just a few clicks and its on its way, screw the crowds and all
    and above all, buy more ammo, the videos are proof of whats a coming

  • Eric

    I think we need to assume (which is never a good idea) that this goes beyond ignorance, apathy, and indoctrination at this point. It is beginning to appear to me to be some form of possession. Just listened to this interview with Robert Stanley.

    I don’t know if it is fair to label these idiots as possessed but definitely mind controlled. I have little doubt there is some form of possession by evil entities with the controllers like Obama, Hillary, etc. but these poor souls have weak minds and we need to try to help them as much as possible to see the light.

    I just got off the phone with my parents. And after 3 years of emails, conversations, etc. they still don’t have the slightest inclination of how serious this is going to get and just how fast it will happen. They still live in their make believe everything is alright world like everyone else who can’t connect the dots, or just doesn’t want to.

  • Eric

    All I’m saying is there is something very un-natural, non human, not of this world that is causing people to act like desperate animals for no reason. That’s all.

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