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Leading indicators from the superstars of resource investing

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Knowledge is money in resource investing. That is why The Gold Report reaches out to the top experts in the sector all year long to bring you their best investing ideas. For this special year-end feature, we asked some of your favorite thought leaders about the tools they use to spot trends and make those important buy-sell decisions. What are the early indicators that gold will rise, plummet or coast sideways? Is it Federal Reserve bond buying? China’s growth rate? Lipstick sales? You may be surprised by the answers.

Watch the Dollar: John Williams

The best way to predict gold is to follow its inverse indicator, the dollar. That is why ShadowStats Editor John Williams is closely watching central banks. “There has been an effort to discourage people from owning gold because a rally in the price of gold is generally taken as an indication of poor performance by the central banks,” he explains. The challenge with using central banks as an indicator, he warns, is that buying and selling by central banks is usually covert; it’s done through third parties. That can lead to a confused and dysfunctional market that ignores fundamentals and reacts with extremes to headlines.

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