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Kim Dotcom: the TPP ‘proves’ that Wall St and Hollywood own Obama

from Hang the Bankers:

The secretive multinational trade agreement the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “proves” that Wall St and Hollywood own Obama, according to MegaUpload and Mega founder Kim Dotcom.

In part two of’s interview with the infamous entrepreneur, we talk about international copyright law, NSA surveillance, Hollywood’s “backward, outdated licensing model”, Barack Obama and Dotcom’s political ambitions.

What do you see as the biggest threat to digital rights at the moment?
The US government. What has been exposed by Edward Snowden is outrageous. It’s frightening that they can get away with so much wrongdoing. I refer to the Iraq war, where they told us about weapons of mass destruction and there was nothing there, or the drone war where they fly over sovereign nations and bomb innocent civilians, the torture prisons of the CIA, Guantanamo Bay… they went totally overboard when it comes to human rights, freedom and things that the US once stood for. They went completely off the rails.

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