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Kalifornia’s Red Tape, Err . . . Hot Sauce

by California Lawyer, TF Metals Report:

I was going to post something about the JPM patent application regarding crypto currencies, comparing two contrasting viewpoints, here and here, but this newest act of idiocy demanded my immediate attention.

For any one who likes their food hot and spicy, like me, Sriracha, the spicy concoction known also as Red Rooster hot sauce, is a sure fire fix.

It is good on and in everything. I’ve had it drizzled over Oreo cookies, it is that good. I wonder if it would be good drizzled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream, with chocolate chips? Who knows? I do know what is a certain cold remedy: just a squirt of the goodness mixed into a plain ol’ bowl of chicken soup, this stuff clears up the nasal passage better than any pharmaceutical, for sure. This stuff makes my mouth water just looking at the bottles of the delicious, spicy hot sauce.


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