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JP Morgan Aims to DOMINATE BitCoin

from The Money GPS:

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3 comments to JP Morgan Aims to DOMINATE BitCoin

  • Wayne

    Perhaps this is the opportunity the government has been looking at. Was BITCOIN started by a government agency (CIA, NSA whatever), or is it authentic and is the new generation’s revolution against the banksters. Either way, there are enough people who are becoming educated throughout the world about the PONZI scheme that is the USSA Dollar (exponential printing??) that they are headed to cryptos BECAUSE of the JPM, Goldman Sax, etc. I doubt very much they are going to sell their BITCOINS, LITECOINS, PEERCOINS, et al. just to jump into a totally controlled (complete with BANKSTER FEES!!) digital currency. It may even sway more people to seek a system outside of government arms. JMO.


    • 2001bifurcation

      Bitcoin makes me think of NWO one world electronic currency that everybody was talking about, but was convinced it would be foisted upon people. But the bankstas decided plainly to lure peeps into a trap using a well known pundit MK and his professions of outrage at the banking sys. You think you vote against the system buying bitcoins? Think again.

  • AgShaman

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have access to the Dread Pirate Roberts’ confiscated stash.

    Nobody hears about Saddam’s gold and cash….or Gaddafi’s gold….or the gold that magically disappeared from under large collapsed buildings in NYC.

    I can almost hear the conversation now:

    Jack Lew: “Take this confiscated booty, drive the market into unthinkable volatility, crash the pricing, then buy moar on our behalf.”

    Jamie Dimon: “Sure no problem. What’s our cut this time?”

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