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Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell – Symbols & Saturn Worship

from Jeff Rense:

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7 comments to Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell – Symbols & Saturn Worship

  • glitter 1

    Jordan is very well versed in the ancient symbolism,however he doesn’t believe The Book.He mixes several theories,leaving more questions than answers,really muddies the water.He is really like the agnostics on the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel.Just another slant of End Times Deception,all religions have the same origins,they are all united under central themes.All a clever deception perpetrated by the Father Of Lies Lucifer himself.The greatest validator of the Holy Bible(1611 KJV)is the history of the Nation Of Israel and the only person who has ever died and risen from the grave in the history of the world,Jesus.None of the other so called equal religions have the historical goods,they can’t.He is correct that there is a sinister/dark/black force working against the world today.It is in fact Lucifer’s NWO plan to recreate what he had at Ancient Babylon,the world united as one under his kingship/kingdom.Bible Prophecy as written is being fulfilled.His plan will fail,it is settled in Heaven.

    • jonathan

      Hey Glitter I tried to have this debate with you before. The definition of the word Lucifer is a Light Bringer the basic definition of the word is the opposite of how you’re using it. It means to bring people light and truth not lies. I don’t doubt that there are many Satanists that are planning exactly what you’re saying they are but many churches to this day are trying to keep people in darkness so what makes them any better. The way you’re using the word Lucifer is wrong!

      • Eric

        Yep. In Ancient Astrology, Lucifer is the bright morning star (Venus).

        If you want to understand this, your mind needs to be like a parachute. It works better when it’s open.

        The King James bible was the “authorized version” because it was the only translation you were authorized to read.

        I would highly recommend everyone get a copy of the companion bible. It has much more information and accurate translations within it. Also, please check out the Nag Hammadi and the lost books of the Apocrypha. There are also lost teachings of Jesus not included in KJV.

        The gnostics were killed because the church didn’t want the facts getting to the people. Thats why a christian mob (Rome) killed Hypatia and destroyed classical antiquity and Alexandria intellectualism.

        Gotta give the stupid people something to believe in. Not something they know.

  • Weirdog1

    The mystical or pagan religions originated with Nimrod at the tower of Bable. When Abraham was called out he made a covenant with El the great I am. The God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob. The one true GOD. He promised Abraham that a nation would come from him and also through his line he would provide himself a lamb. The Hebrews strayed at times and worshiped all sorts of thing but always were brought back to their Covenant with God. Their God was not who this guy says or thinks he is. The story gets better with the arrival of Christ and his finished work through which we are made ” Jews” . And by Jews please note that I am not talking about zionists or criminal bankers etc etc……

  • Velocity of Money

    Glitter 1 is correct!! Although so is Jonathan on one point. Lucifer’s name was changed by The Lord after his fall to Satan. When the Bible speaks of “us” in Genises it is a reference to the “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”. All of whom exist and agree as one for eternity. Jesus was God manifest in the flesh. Look up the details for yourself. Jesus has nothing to do with the Sun-gods of antiquity. He was not born on Dec. 25th. The real Sabbath is Saturday. Both days have been perverted by the Apostate Catholic Church. The same church Christ came to build has been severely perverted by Satan and the Bible prophesied this would happen in conjunction of a one world government and a “mark” (cashless society) that one would have to have in order to buy or sell. TO TUNE OUT THE NOISE JUST FOCUS ON PROPHECY! GOD GAVE IT TO US SO THAT WE WILL KNOW HE IS REAL AND THE TRUE GOD!!!!

    • glitter 1

      +1, The world and it’s inhabitants are perishing,the scope of commtaries is confirmation.The Lord wishes that none should perish,but he also knows that the vast majority will.Time is running out.

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