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Japan’s Leader on 3/11: Most don’t know, but Reactor 1 melted down in 5 hours

We almost lost 1/3 of nation due to Fukushima — Tepco: Reactor 3 melted earlier than reported, water went in wrong pipes — NHK: Investigation into how such massive amounts of radioactive substances were released

from ENENews:

NHK World, Dec. 13, 2013: New findings on Fukushima accident to be released [Tepco] says the early breakdown of a reactor cooling system, coupled with failed attempts to inject water into the reactor, likely led to the meltdown of the number 3 reactor […] water injections by fire engines started shortly after 9 AM on March 13, but they could have been ineffective because of leaks from the piping. TEPCO plans to disclose the findings to the public later on Friday. The utility says it will continue its investigation to find out why massive amounts of radioactive substances were released and how this happened.

Jiji Press, Dec. 13, 2013: TEPCO admitted the possibility that the failure speeded up the unfolding disaster at the plant.

Kyodo, Dec. 13, 2013: TEPCO […] said it has confirmed that water supplied by fire trucks flowed into some pipes not leading to cores at the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors.

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