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How to Profit From the Gold/Silver Ratio

by Joseph Carducci, Outsider Club:

Have you you been watching the gold/silver ratio?

If not, then you should be, because there’s a major profit opportunity in the making.

I’ll explain.

To put it simply, the gold/silver ratio tells you how many ounces of silver it takes to buy one ounce of gold.

It currently stands at about 62, which means it takes 62 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.

But here’s the thing: That number is much higher than it should be right now.

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4 comments to How to Profit From the Gold/Silver Ratio

  • MoFo

    Sounds good but the devil again is in the details. 28% tax on gains AND shipping.
    Just those two points will eat a bunch of profit/gain. Most dealers are not going to give you much over spot when selling.

    Just a side note: IMHO I would advise metal buyers to stay away from gubmint printed coins. They OWN IT!

    Stay away from weird coins. You know what I am saying. They will only be melted down anyway. Collectors are a strange bunch as certain coins come in and out of vogue.

    Johnson Matthey and Englehardts are a solid start for metal stackers.

    I am sure this will set off a bunch of comments…so fire away

  • Frank Zak

    Cost average down into the March Fed meeting 2014.
    This is the final bottom, but gold could run sideways
    until then.

    This pattern I remember from the 1982 low in gold,
    which turned around and ran 82% up afterwards.

    You people don’t realize some of the best money
    is made from the bounces.

    After 1980, gold bounced up and down over 80% in a 5 year span


  • Frank Zak

    When silver crosses $22 an oz. it
    parabolically outperforms gold.

    Use GLD and SLV as an overlay.

    But, above $41 an oz. switch back to gold.

    Silver is fundamentally flawed with overproduction.

    It can only run up with gold.

    A 80% to 20% ratio of gold to silver
    purchases is advised for saftey.

    Gold American Buffaloes .999 are best.
    The Chinese like .999 and it can be melted into
    jewlery upon confiscation threats.

    Buy them in mint shrink wrap. Only $35
    spread at CNI Los Angeles.

  • mr620

    gold maple, it’s 0.9999 and cheaper than buffalo

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