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Help Wanted: Corrupt Cops with a History of Brutality

by Kimberly Paxton, The Daily Sheeple:

Do you ever wonder why are cops today so horrible, corrupt, and abusive?

According to an article in the LA Times, it appears that a history of this type of behavior does not have a negative effect on their job prospects with the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Dozens of applicants with histories of incompetence, poor performance, and out-and-out wrongdoing were brought on.

Help Wanted:

Are you a bully without a victim? Do you enjoy harassing people, humiliating women, and dominating those who attempt to stand up for themselves? Do you like to beat people with a billy club, taze them for looking at you funny, and kick them repeatedly in the ribs when their handcuffed and curled up on the ground?

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