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GUN FREE ZONES: The Truth Behind Mass Shootings in America

from AMTV :

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  • Edelson

    In response SGT’s past post n & control (which was censored)

    1.The facts, in brief, are these:

    The National Socialist government of Germany did not fear its citizens. Adolf Hitler was the most popular leader Germany has ever had.

    The spirit of National Socialism was one of manliness, and individual self-defense and self-reliance were central to the National Socialist view of the way a citizen should behave. The notion of banning firearms ownership was alien to National Socialism.

    Gun registration and licensing (for long guns as well as for handguns) were legislated by an anti-National Socialist government in Germany five years before the National Socialists gained power. Five years after they gained power they got around to rewriting the gun law enacted by their predecessors, substantially ameliorating it in the process (for example, long guns were exempted from the requirement for a purchase permit; the legal age for gun ownership was lowered from 20 to 18 years; and the period of validity of a permit to carry weapons was extended from one to three years). They may be criticized for leaving certain restrictions and licensing requirements in the law, but they had no intention of preventing law-abiding Germans from keeping or bearing arms.

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