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Greece To Default in 2014 – Cycles of War – Presidential Elections 2016

from Armstrong Economics:

As we enter 2014, we may see Greece simply enter a default on its debt. This whole Euro nonsense is collapsing and we will have the May Elections in 2014 for the EU. Of course, even if the people voted for reform, the EU Commission has entered rules that even if the ELECTED politicians vote against the Commission, the Commission need not comply with any vote. Only the Commission can introduce legislation. Never anyone elected. Newly elected politicians can refuse a proposal from the Commission, but the Commission can still do as it likes and no vote can alter their agenda. This whole thing is one giant dictatorship clothed in a pretend Democracy. The EU Commission even covertly manipulated the Italian elections to get rid of the last Prime Minister Berlusconi because he was considering taking Italy out of the Euro. In Germany,  Angela Merkel has rejected any more direct referendums whatsoever.

The rising protests in Europe will most likely turn really nasty when the people find out that it does not matter who they elect to the EU, the Commission rules. Now they want a SuperBank that can dictate to any country and no country can overrule this Superbank that is appointed by the Commission and cannot be controlled by any popular vote.

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2 comments to Greece To Default in 2014 – Cycles of War – Presidential Elections 2016

  • Ed_B

    The un-elected EU commission needs a lesson in the fact that they do not have an army, while the countries that make up the EU still do. Invade Belgium and arrest these high-handed SOBs before they can do any more damage.

    • 8Ball

      Why do you think that the Oscama administration is purging the military ranks of top ranking officers who may resist his unlawful orders?

      At this point in time the chances of the American or European people reversing any of this nonsense through normal procedures at their presumed disposal are slim to none and slim has left…

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