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Gold: Not the Inflation-Hedge You Might Think

by Greg Guenthner, Daily

I was in St. Kitts last week for the Liberty Forum conference, where I was a speaker. I also moderated a debate pitting Peter Schiff against Harry Dent on the inflation-deflation question.

Things got really hot. There was some yelling, and at one point, Harry stood up and tossed his mic in frustration. I thought they might go at it.

I want to tell you about this debate…

Peter Schiff is the chief strategist at the brokerage firm Euro Pacific. He has a radio show and has written some books. He’s probably most known as calling for a collapse in the dollar and being generally bearish on the U.S. economy.

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1 comment to Gold: Not the Inflation-Hedge You Might Think

  • Frank Zak

    Gold started dropping when real estate
    took off to the upside. A recession is very good
    for the housing market, as it keeps interest rates low.

    Peter Schiff has seen real estate go up by 20% since he called
    a top. Harry Dent has seen real estate go up 40%, since he
    said it would go down another 30%.

    Ron Paul, Kiyosaki and many famous gold bugs all lised
    real estate as their top investment pick for
    the coming year.

    The association of Realtors estimates real estate will go
    up by another 30% by 2016.

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