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Glenn Greenwald: “The U.S. Government Uses ‘Terrorism’ As It’s Excuse To Do Almost EVERYTHING!”

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2 comments to Glenn Greenwald: “The U.S. Government Uses ‘Terrorism’ As It’s Excuse To Do Almost EVERYTHING!”

  • mangrove

    Maybe if Mr. Greenwald would grow some balls and come out of the closet on 9/11 instead of embracing the blowback theory, there wouldn’t be as much ‘terrorism’ being used as an excuse to do almost EVERYTHING. Let’s call this guy what he truly is: an enabler of the globalist agenda, disguised as a maverick outsider speaking truth to power. It’s truly sickening that he has become the darling of the left, profiting off the whole game. Same as it ever was.

    Why I Can No Longer Defend Glenn Greenwald as Merely a Dupe in the Snowden Psyop
    by Scott Creighton, American Everyman, June 17, 2013

    He recently appeared with Bill Moyers talking about the Boston Bombing psyop and again, ignoring all the serious problems with the case itself and the behavior of the police state imposing martial law in search of an unarmed 19 year-old boy, Glenn again turned to the “blow back” meme to explain this case and many others since 9/11. “They (the “terrorists”) have not only the right, but the duty to attack America back“

    The fact that most of the supposed “terrorists” who have that duty were and are contractors for the United States via the CIA or other secretive organizations completely slips his mind apparently. The fact that the trials of these individuals are closed and the prosecutors are allowed an amazing latitude in presenting evidence in court that would never be admissible in real courts, eludes our liberal hero for some reason.

    From his seat in what is portrayed as the “far left” section of the allowed dissent stadium, Glenn consistently cheer-leads the globalist agenda or conveniently ignores some of it’s most blatant and reprehensible crimes of state. For a man from a globalist mega-firm of mergers and acquisitions ghouls who just so happens to miss the bigger picture, that really isn’t all that surprising.

    Glenn probably enjoyed one of the fastest rises to liberal stardom of any blogger turned journalism hero.

    Rachel Maddow did it so did Arrianna Huffington. And we see what they are now; mouthpieces for the Washington Consensus selling neoliberalism as “centrist pragmatism”

    Is that what Glenn has become?

  • AgShaman

    Greenwald is “captured”. His boss at Paypal will quadruple his initial investment…to not release 99% of stolen files. The deal is most likely already consummated….all that’s left is theatre for you to “stall” your real purpose

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