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Give a Gift that Saves: The Gift of Preparedness

from Off Grid Survival:

It’s that time of year again, a time when people go out and spend millions upon millions of dollars buying a bunch of useless junk that nobody really wants. Instead of fighting mobs of people, so you can pick up a $5 toaster this Black Friday, why not put some more thought into your gifts – Why Not Give the Gift or Preparedness?

Every year around this time we challenge our readers to give the gift of preparedness. In my opinion, it’s a great non-confrontational way to introduce the topic to those unprepared family members who just don’t want to come on board.

Here are some great gifts that can help introduce your friends and family to the wonderful world of Preparedness.

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1 comment to Give a Gift that Saves: The Gift of Preparedness

  • Ed_B

    “Why Not Give the Gift or Preparedness?”

    Why not? Because about 97% of the people in this country do not think beyond what they are having for their next meal. This is a country where people spend more time figuring out where to go on vacation or what phone to buy than they do on ANY kind of preps or their retirement. Any gift of a prep would be absolutely and completely wasted on these people. They will have zero idea of what to do with it. In all likelihood, they will either try to return such a gift or throw it away. If you have people like this in your own family, and most of us do, the best you can do is prep like mad and have extras of the things that they WILL need but have no idea just how critical these things will be when, not if, the SHTF.

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