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Friday: Connecticut Police to Release Newtown Massacre Documents — [Mark S. Mann Says, “This is an insult to the thinking man”]

[Ed. Note: Mark S. Mann submitted this Yahoo article with his take which I have posted in the comments section below.]

by Edith Honan, Yahoo:

Connecticut state police plan to release a trove of documents on Friday tied to their investigation of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last year that killed 20 children and six adults, the agency said on its website.

The release comes about a month after the state Division of Criminal Justice released a report on the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre concluding that the gunman, Adam Lanza, 20, had acted alone, and that his motive may never be known.

The material to be released online at 3 p.m. EST (2000 GMT) on Friday “runs several thousand pages and has been redacted according to law,” the state police announcement said.

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4 comments to Friday: Connecticut Police to Release Newtown Massacre Documents — [Mark S. Mann Says, “This is an insult to the thinking man”]

  • SGT

    Our police officer friend Mark. S. Mann, who resides in Connecticut, submitted the following comments. We are sharing them at his request:


    Notice, thousands of pages of info….yet not a single mention of video surveillance EVER taking place. AND…..of course the documents are redacted. Heavily redacted I am sure. If the case is now officially closed, why still the secrecy of the only (2) surviving witnesses to actually see the supposed shooter Adam Lanza?

    I held back one thing from our last interview on this subject that I will share with you: The “official” investigation states that during the 11 minute time frame that Lanza supposedly was on his shooting spree inside the school, the police were unable to determine which classroom Lanza entered and shot up first. There are actually time frames in the 11 minutes where they are claiming to not know the sequence of events.

    Go to ANY school today. They ALL have cameras at the front door and cameras covering the main hallways. Lanza supposedly shot up the front door area, and 2 class rooms in a main hallway, yet we are to believe not a single shred of video evidence ever took place? Compare this to columbine in 1999….This is an insult to the thinking man.

    ~ Mark

  • AgShaman

    There was no shooting incident at Sandy Hook and no children died.

    Hoax….Theatre….False Flag

  • Hannon

    I’m still waiting for answers from CT’s very own despp legal dept. These idiots can’t figure out if a 1970’s remington 870 in an “assault” weapon. I have a newer 870 express tactical with a pistol grip stock, so I asked if I put it on a pre 1994 870 if it still qualified. They can’t figure it, so I asked if I removed it and had it in the house, if it could be considered a “parts kit”. These jackasses have no idea, so I removed it, and mailed an expensive mesa tactical stock to an out of state relative(he was happy to get it). All this being said, if your in this crap hole state, be mindful of what firearms accessories you have laying around. Their lawyers apparently can stretch their definitions out to the point your ass is getting locked up for nothing.

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