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Forced organ harvesting looked down on — Globalized organ harvesting to become a reality

In what can only be described as a pick your poison scenario, organ harvesting may soon be a globally regulated industry

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

CHINA — Perhaps most Americans are too wrapped up into the modern T.V. fantasy land of NFL football and the newest reality shows to know what’s truly taking place in the world around them. However, rest assured there are some pretty sick inhumane practices going on out there, including forced organ harvesting.

Forced organ harvesting is a reality and leads to the torturous deaths of thousands of people every year. As a matter of fact, China takes the cake as the world’s organ harvesting champion, extracting precious body parts from political prisoners and other choice inmates almost daily in a rather gruesome procedure.

The victim, still alive, is strapped down to a gurney and taken out to a designated airport tarmac for the procedure in mobile organ harvesting van against their will. The van is much like an operating room and is equipped with all the surgical tools and staff to complete the procedure in a sterile environment.

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1 comment to Forced organ harvesting looked down on — Globalized organ harvesting to become a reality

  • Bill

    Now that is just sick and I’m always blown away at how inhuman those in power have unjustifiably seem to be the greatest abusers! I seen this coming a long time ago when they needed a donor classification on drivers licenses and definitely opted out!There is no need for harvesting organs as the technology already exists for cloning our own organs to get a proper match as every person is different!

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