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Ensuring the Boundaries of Truth

from The Daily Bell:

Release the Senate Torture Report … A dozen years after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the American public still doesn’t know the full extent of the laws that were broken and the human rights abuses that were committed. Moving forward as a country demands taking responsibility for past actions and providing redress to victims. And that process can only take place after a full public accounting of what happened. – Human Rights Watch/Politico

Dominant Social Theme: Many good people are concerned that information about CIA torture be revealed so that the nation can put human rights abuses behind it. Then the nation can pick up and carry on. The nation can stride ahead proudly. The nation can turn its frown upside down, etc …

Free-Market Analysis: The only trouble with this kind of mea culpa is that nations really don’t exist. And this is especially true at the top of the federal government where powerful factions compete for clout and funding. It’s a blood sport and losing can be serious, indeed, potentially costing one freedom and even occasionally one’s life.

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