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DITTS — Does it threaten the System?

by JY896, TF Metals Report:

One of the ways to look at whether an emerging technology or any other trend is threatening the status quo, is to look at how the market reacts to those most heavily vested in the current order of things. We do it every day, when we talk about the prices of PMs, in the context of how current fiat-paradigm entities like the USDX or T-bills or JPY, GBP and EUR are doing (not to mention the CNY). We look at the miners (in vain), we look at the major international banking conglomerates (with cold derision, in most cases).

Will BitCoin revolutionize the monetary system? Is it likely to supplant the USD as the global transactional currency of choice on any visible timeline? Is it (or can it be) a viable alternative to cash or credit card transactions? Let’s peer into the long-term forecasting ability of our free and fair equity markets and try to find out.

The top cash transport and security companies according to Wikipedia: Brinks, G4S, Loomis, Prosegur together make up 54% of the market.


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