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Did Congress Just Repeal The 2nd Amendment? On A Voice Vote?

from AVN:

The Republican GOP joined with the Democrats to begin the process of repealing the 2nd Amendment with their VOICE VOTE to extend the ban on Undetectable Firearms Act. Now it goes to Senate for AMENDMENTS! Know why a voice vote? So America couldn’t identify which RINO Republicrips betrayed our Constitution!

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5 comments to Did Congress Just Repeal The 2nd Amendment? On A Voice Vote?

  • Gods Creation

    Of course not. Congress can’t repeal an amendment, they can only pass unconstitutional laws which are null and void.

  • Sheryl Anne

    Wow!! Thanks Mike and SGT. Very important for us to know and fight.

  • Rodster

    Just goes to prove when it comes to the 2 party system they are both 2 sides on the same coin.

    • Ed_B

      Indeed, Rodster… and a cheap, ugly, POS coin it is too!

      I don’t worry about it much. When voting, I support the candidates who defend liberty and without any regard whatever for “party”. We’ve had enough parties in this country. It is time to get on with rebuilding and repairing our country. Clearly, the same SOBs who have caused all of our problems are 100% incapable of solving them, so OUT THEY GO. Never vote for an incumbent unless they are willing to fight for liberty every single day and have a record of doing just that. Talking the talk is not enough. They also have to walk the walk.

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