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Detroit: An Experiment in Fascism?

from TheBigPictureRT:

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2 comments to Detroit: An Experiment in Fascism?

  • Ed_B

    “Detroit: An Experiment in Fascism?”

    Hardly. Detroit has been a 40-year long experiment in the value of liberal administration. Virtually all liberal administrations end somewhere between failure and utter failure. Detroit has chosen the latter. We can fully expect dozens of other cities and perhaps even a few states to join the list of the cities and counties that have been bankrupted by liberal politicians, who nearly universally have no business or financial training, knowledge, or experience whatever, yet persist in dreaming that they can successfully run a large organization and allocate billions of their local citizens tax dollars. If there is something out there that is further from the truth or that has a worse history of failure, I am unaware of it.

    The truly scary thing is that this very same disastrous political philosophy is now in control of our country. No, they did not cause our financial problems but they are also not helping to fix them. They are getting worse, a lot worse, than they have ever been. As has been said, when something is unsustainable, it WILL stop. Got preps?

    • jonathan

      Hey Ed Fascism is a union of Government, Business and other organizations you are suggesting business people should run the government then you claim the problem is liberals. The problem is Fascism is everywhere and there aint nothin liberal about it.

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