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Debunking the “The Saudis did 9-11” nonsense!

from What Really Happened:

The official story of 9-11 is collapsing almost as fast as the Obamacare website. Most Americans are now well aware of the strange collapse of WTC Building 7, the video that captures the sound of the actual explosion that initiates the collapse of WTC7, the very strange behavior of the Secret Service as President Bush read about goats at Booker Elementary School. We have all seen the photographs that confirm the remains of demolition “cutter charges” in the remains of the towers. And we all know how the BBC reported that Building 7 collapsed 26 minutes before it actually happened. indicating a script was being followed (but alas, not carefully enough).

With the official story in free fall, Americans are wondering just who did this heinous deed. With the US Government itself the prime suspect, many are asking if the US Government had help from an outside nation, one with a long track record of world-changing dirty tricks.

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4 comments to Debunking the “The Saudis did 9-11” nonsense!

  • Velocity of Money

    This article is complete drivel. The Israelis AND Saudis have a vested interest in American involvement in the Middle East. It’s called Iran AND more importantly the “petro dollar”. The Saudis are sitting on mountains of them and need it to remain as the reserve currency standard. The motives of Israel are self explainitory.

  • jonathan

    What’s worse the American Government let the Saudis and Israelis do it and were too much of a bunch of pussies to stand up to them or the American Government plan 9/11 with the Saudis and Israelis (as we know they did) and ends up being strong but evil? Either way the Federal Government has got to go along with the Fed and the Fortune 500

  • Moishe

    It is not possible for the Israeli’s to do 911 they are god’s chosen people & god is good.

  • Velocity of Money

    @Moishe – Gods covenent with his people has moved from ethnic physical Israel to spiritual Isreal (all those who accept Christ as the messiah). The Jews of Israel rejected their Messiah therefore God will reject them. This is how the antichrist will be allowed to stand on the 3rd Temple and declare that he is god. The blind Jews will accept him and he will then seek to destroy spiritual Israel and the nation of Israel from within. But yet most Christians, because they are Christ followers in name only, don’t even realize how their blind support of Israel is helping to usher this system in.

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