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Congress Scares the People

by Philip Giraldi, Anti War:

Terrorism has become as all-American as apple pie. It is ingrained in our civic DNA, it fills our newspapers and is the backstory for every foreign policy discussion on talk radio and television. One might reasonably expect that American mothers might now cajole their children into turning out the light and going to sleep not because the bogeyman would otherwise be coming but rather because al-Qaeda might be lurking somewhere up the street.

Warning one’s children about bin Laden would be an astonishing consequence of national paranoia but for the fact that American mothers do no such thing. For something of a national obsession, Americans largely deal with the terrorism problem in an absent minded fashion by allowing the Federal government to help itself to their tax money to make the terrorists go away. Hardly anyone actually knows a victim of terrorism and I have yet to meet anyone who spends his life in fear of a terrorist attack.

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1 comment to Congress Scares the People

  • Ed_B

    The facts tell us that the people killed accidentally by the police, such as in shoot-outs and high speed auto chases, not to mention the occasional jailhouse beatings, vs. the number of people killed on purpose by terrorists is significantly in favor of the police being the bigger threat. Perhaps we should be less free with our tax money and more free with our lead.

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