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Cancer patient who spoke out against Obamacare targeted for IRS audit

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Whenever I hear Barack Obama talk about government “compassion” and benevolence, I nearly lose my lunch. The man couldn’t be lying more if he was telling you that you can keep your health insurance and doctor, or that your coverage rates will decrease $2,500 a year.

Under his “leadership,” federal agencies have become nothing more than “heavies” and thugs, doing his bidding and enforcing his will with iron fists, the way the bureaucracies in tyrannical countries run by dictators do.

The Internal Revenue Service, in particular, has been employed often by this administration against political enemies, extending well beyond the 2012 election cycle and the targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups (which, according to this report, is still happening).

Lesson: Don’t speak out, lest you be punished by the lord and master

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