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Can 2014 be the Year We Put a Dagger in the Heart of Tyranny?

by James White, Northwest Liberty News:

As 2013 nears the end of its life, most of us are looking ahead to 2014. However, for the criminal cabal who rule the world, dates have little meaning. They have a standing plan to perpetrate evil 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the end game always in mind. All of which transcends some silly number on a calendar. So instead of focusing on the upcoming New Year, let us focus on the core operations of the open criminal “mafia” who now occupy many elected seats in government. In my opinion, the following is a list of criminal activity that needs to end in 2014. However, as I stated earlier, evil operates 24/7. It takes no vacation and doesn’t watch football. So we need to raise a standard to combat evil, and this nation needs your help. Pick one of these issues that suit you, or pick your own, and make it a point to “go to war” in 2014 to kill it, or at least cripple it.

Common Core- I listed this first because it is designed to target the most defenseless, and arguably the most impressionable, among us.  Our children.  As usual, the Feds took the state’s money and promised a portion back to them if they signed on to this program.

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