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Bankers Arrested, Civil War Averted, Economy On the Rebound

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Who says there isn’t justice in the world for the globalists who continue to plunder the assets of average people? Four prominent bankers have been sentenced to prison and assessed hefty financial penalties.

The First District Court of Appeals sentenced four former Goldman Sachs Executives to prison terms ranging from three to five years in prison for financial crimes dating back to 2008. The Supreme Court, fearing civilian reprisals, has refused to hear the bankers’ appeals.

The mainstream media is reporting that Hank Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and Secretary of the Treasury as well as being known for being the architect of the bailouts, received the heaviest sentence of five years in prison. Paulson was ordered to pay $33.4 million dollars in fines. Along these same lines, former Goldman Sachs CEO and World Bank President, Tim Geithner, was sentenced to three years in prison along with being assessed a hefty $23 million dollar fine.

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3 comments to Bankers Arrested, Civil War Averted, Economy On the Rebound

  • rico

    Wouldn’t that be great if it actually happened? People actually being held responsible for the reprehensible crimes they have committed against the people of America. I am not holding my breath!

  • matt

    Knew it was BS straight away..these crooks will never be held to account for their crimes..Their case is now with god!

  • Suzanne

    I read the whole thing to the end… too bad it’s not true. To date, Iceland is the only one that got it right.
    Any of these offenses, from MERS to LIBOR, to all of the fraudulent loans and all of the derivatives… should have been capital offenses.
    In Asia they are executing these crooks! Why can’t we? Why have they gotten away with stiff-arming the political class into taking away the laws that protected us for decades?

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