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“Bail-ins” to become OFFICIAL law across Europe??

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Readers were warned here first: the Cyprus steal was “the precedent.” The totally illegal seizure of bank deposits to bail out the GAMBLING DEBTS of reckless bankers (all tentacles of the One Bank) is now apparently set to become official policy across Europe — just as it is already in Canada.

The Rule of Law is dead, across the West. The Criminals in charge of our governments issue decrees, allowing this banking Crime Syndicate to steal larger and larger chunks of any/all paper in its possession.

The ‘solution’ for us as individuals is simple: keep as little paper as possible (in any form) within the clutches of these banksters. Today they are stealing bank deposits. Tomorrow, it will be pensions, or equity accounts, or anything else they can get their greedy hands on. And remember it’s not just “banks” that are allowed to rob you, and it won’t always be by any official decree — but rather through some sleazy, quasi-legal technicality. Remember MFGlobal and PFGBest, and this “Golden Oldie:…?

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