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America 3.0

by C2CAMDaily, via The Victory Report:

John B. Wells is joined by experts on society, history, and culture, James Bennett and Mike Lotus, who discussed how America is currently going through a painful transition period, but our best days may be yet to come. “The current crisis we are in is not the demise of America,” Lotus contended, suggesting that the present polarization of society is a pang experienced by the nation as it transforms into something new and the populace grapples with how to adjust to this evolution.

Driving the transformation of America, they argued, is the breakdown of our current system of government, particularly the “welfare state model,” which is being shown to be unsustainable going into the future.

While the authors were concerned about the increase in police militarization and government spying, they suggested that these trends are symptomatic of systemic failure which they see happening to the country. Bennett explained that as a political system breaks down, it sees diminishing returns from its usual practices which leads to people in power to “double down” on their tactics in an attempt to maintain the status quo. However, Lotus expressed hope that the United States is not headed toward a “1930′s like Nazi takeover scenario,” since America has historically been resistant to totalitarian government or fascist political parties. Additionally, he surmised that transforming America into dictatorship would require “massive support” and couldn’t be done via a small coup or executive order.

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2 comments to America 3.0

  • Jungular monk ee

    A note addressed to our non-people-supporting Corporate fascists.

    Have you no idea your selfish policies and politics are killing your own golden goose? Really?

    Walmart employees cannot even afford to buy products there? McDonalds employees cannot afford to buy cheap lunches where they slave for you? Are you insane? Why do you WANT to collapse your businesses that have made you so filthy rich? Why are you willing to give all of the profits to the top 3 executives and not to the worker-slaves that generated the profits from THE WORK THEY DID, and who deserve good pay for your success? Your executives should earn no more than 12 times what your lowest paid workers get. Why would you pay more for execs to ruin your businesses? For blind tax and complicated accounting profits and tricks?

    Your own greed has led to your own demise. Have you noticed the income revenues melting away yet? Duh!? Have you seen the pictures of Detroit? Are you ready to follow that business model with your own companies?? Can you see what YOUR buildings are going to look like when there is nobody left who can afford to buy enough of your products to make a business successful that only profits the top 1%?

    No, Unions shouldn’t have unlimited powers either, but if you keep to one simple principle of 12:1 your execs will want to pay your employees what they are worth for your success, and they wont be trying to sabotage your enduring success for looted hidden accounting profits today. Or you could just close down and take all of that fiat money & inflated stock that you know will be worthless someday. What a good trick on you! The worker-slaves get virtually controlled by the minute, and the leader-parasites get to drive the whole train off a cliff because they steered through some nice scenery first! Who are the powerful and powerless that sell out for this temporary benefit? Cui bono?

    You seriously need to start politically lobbying for your workers, and not your corporate looters. But only if you want to STAY in business.

    I wish you good Detroit business luck! Prison and slave labor will not keep your businesses successful. That is not the model that made you rich. And the model that made you rich is melting away like ice through your greedy fat lazy fingers because you have failed to reward those people who made you successful: your hard working employees who were inspired by fair wages in exchange for their labor. That is the success model. Kill the goose, and your corporate business success will perish as well, you’ll see. You will be left with nothing but worthless fiat money, defunct stocks, false accounting (all just paper) and more empty buildings. Happy yet?? Well, you won’t be either, unless you change your business philosophy.

  • Praxis

    I quite liked this conversation. Thanks Sean.
    There manifold good points from these folks, much of which I agree with.
    Sounds like a book I will read. Perhaps it could serve as a bridge between people with narrow focuses and conflicts which needn’t be so confrontational to produce acceptable solutions without resorting to the usual violence.

    Not sure I agree with the downplaying of turmoil though, or people’s willingness to listen to ideas opposing their worldview / belief structures. That’s one tough nut to crack.

    No matter how it goes, I think we’re in for a great big heap chaos before anyone will give serious attention to this form of bifurcated compromise. As it stands people are far, far too divided on silly issues (on purpose of course). But, in the end, the mother of invention is necessity.

    Being prepared for and exposed to all sorts of perspectives is extremely helpful, though, even this intermediate term overly optimistic view. Thanks for that Sean and crew.

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