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A Post-Apocalypse Christmas Story

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

It has been only 7 months since the lights went out, but it feels like forever. Some people call it the Apocalypse and consider it the worst disaster that the modern world has known. At our house, we call it the Change, because my mother says that just because it is different, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, and that words matter. Whatever you call it, though, the day the lights went out is the day that everything in our world became dramatically different.

The days go on and on, blending into one another with the sameness of our tasks. I don’t go to school anymore because there is no school. My mother teaches me at night, when we leave the door to the wood stove open to preserve our precious candles, but still have light bright enough to read by.

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1 comment to A Post-Apocalypse Christmas Story

  • Ed_B

    That is a lovely story of what people could do in hard times but there is no mention of the two men who watch over the house during all this celebration. One carries an AK, the other an AR. Both have 9 mm handguns on their belts, knives tucked into their boots, and binoculars strapped around their necks. They watch and listen for those who might come to take what others have and perhaps to do unspeakable acts. They are cold but they do not break OPSEC to move around and stay warm as that would give away their concealed positions. They are hidden and unseen. But they are there and watching. Because of them, all inside the house are free to celebrate in peace. Because of them, life goes on. They are the watchers.

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