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A Contractor’s Preps: Materiel Storage

by Paul W, Survival Blog:

I’d like to discuss my perspective on family preparedness, from the perspective of a architectural design and building contractor. There are four categories to this aspect of preparedness: Materials, Tools, Knowledge and Usefulness

I read a lot of articles about things to stock up on when TEOTWAWKI situations occur. One thing I do not hear discussed as much is keeping a well stock material shed at your bug out location. Now keep in mind this is not a Bug out bag list. The is a Bug Out Destination or Home list.

Coming from the world of Architectural Design and Contracting I have seen buildings become deplorable shacks in no time. You would be amazed at how quickly a simple water leak can destroy your compound/home. Maintenance is always key but sometimes Mother Nature will take over on even the best of us. A downed tree branch, strong wind gusts or even a deer running into you window (I have seen this happen).

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