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600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Knockout Game in New York

from Off Grid Survival:

On Christmas Night over 600 kids and teenagers swarmed a movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida violently attacking moviegoers, an off duty police officer, and each other in one of the largest flash mobs to date.

Somewhere around 600 crazed teens swarmed the theater attacking people and stealing everything in sight. 62 police officers were dispatched to the theater, where they had to fire pepper spray into the crowd to get them to disperse.

400 Teens Storm Brooklyn Mall

At the same time, another flash mob swarmed a mall in  Brooklyn, New York. In this case, over 400 teens stormed a Brooklyn mall violently attacking security guards, shoppers and each other. Local reports say that while part of the flash mob was violently raiding stores around the mall, another large group of teens strategically targeted innocent shoppers as part of the now infamous knockout game.

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9 comments to 600 Teens Violently Mob Movie Theater in Florida & 400 Take Part in Knockout Game in New York

  • jonathan

    If the knock out game wasn’t real before the main stream mockingbird media just made it real.

  • Jimdog

    Dumb Whitey getting tuned up like he deserves for believing that “white privilege” bullshit.

    Hilarious! Knockout coming to yo town next.

    • eddie henely

      yea blacks have all the black skin privilege and they are all programmed to hate whites, just listen to the pos pres preacher wright preaching hate for whites and jews yes he calls whites demons

  • Troy

    Why don’t people pull out their guns and shoot them?

    • Warp

      Because they’re in NYC, Troy.

      Expect more of this tomfoolery to come, especially when the FSA is cut off.

    • Ed_B

      That would be an appropriate response. In a sane world, that is exactly what would happen and the local cops & DA would not even think of charging them with any kind of a crime.

      It is important to recognize that every place will have exactly as much crime as they are willing to tolerate… no more and no less. The trick is to make the punishment fit the crime and to apply that punishment immediately. If 100 crazed teens attack me and my wife, I will shoot the 1st 3 of them in the face… bang, bang, bang. The rest of them will turn tail and run like hell. They will do that because they are cowardly thugs who do crap like this because they believe they can get away with it. Once it is proved to them that they cannot, this will cease.

  • prestodo

    More reason to stay home for the holidays and to shop online. The UPS man is less scary than a flash mob of six hundred angry youth. Movies cost less to rent anyway.

  • Bobby

    You mean the crowd seemed to be mostly young urban negro males…

  • eddie henely

    it is really sad that some people are not safe in public and the more blacks u have the more dangerous it is for any white

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