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30+ Emmy winning journalist: 1% are ‘mercenary class, predators, looters.’ What do you say? What will you do?

from Washington’s Blog:

In this three minute video, 30+ Emmy-winning journalist Bill Moyers characterizes the 1% as an oligarchy poised to end democracy and make change from within impossible. He calls them:

  • “the mercenary class,”
  • “predators,”
  • “looters.”

What’s missing from Bill’s analysis: the 1%’s main acts in war and money are illegal, demanding their immediate arrests to stop their war-murders of millions, harm to billions, and looting of trillions.

These crimes are as vicious as can be imagined, with strategy to “cover” these crimes with corporate media to keep the public in the dark.

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3 comments to 30+ Emmy winning journalist: 1% are ‘mercenary class, predators, looters.’ What do you say? What will you do?

  • Fraank Zak

    According to the World Gold Council, 150 tonnes to 200 tonnes of gold bullion will be smuggled into India this year. Between April and September, Indian customs authorities seized almost double the amount of gold that was smuggled into India in 2012. (Source: Reuters, December 4, 2013.)

    In an effort to curb the smuggling of gold bullion into India, Mumbai customs authorities said that they will give a reward of 50,000 rupees per kilogram of gold confiscated as a result of tip-offs. Rewards for informants who lead customs to cocaine and heroin seizures are only 40,000 rupees and 30,000 rupees, respectively!

  • jonathan

    Thank you Bill Moyers for speaking the God’s Honest truth to your audience

  • Wonderwall

    Great post. Bill Moyers has always been one of the true good guys. I always wonder if during my lifetime if the veil will be lifted over the propaganda enough so that the average person will see it for what it really. Financial collapse will probably be the catalyst, although the remaining TPTB will work overtime the make some haze over the actual truth of what happened.

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