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by Ron Ewart, News With Views:

“Let them hate, as long as they fear me.” -Caligula, Emperor of Rome, 37 AD to 41 AD

Many of our readers are aware of our battle with the IRS as a conservative author, not unlike the Conservative organizations that were targeted by the IRS for political purposes and from all appearances that targeting came at the direction of the Obama White House in an illegal and corrupt move to control the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

For the last three years we have fought with the IRS, one battle after another. We have won two of those battles and are reaching a climax with the third. They haven’t let up and they have literally barraged us with letters and demands from seven (7) different IRS offices: Holtsville, NY; Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN; Ogden, UT, Kansas City, KS; Fresno, CA; and the last one from Cincinnati, OH, the very same office that targeted Conservatives before the 2012 election.

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  • SAY,do any of you HEAR the WAR bells ringing yet?WHAT do you think this is all about anyway?ARE YOU able to see the federal government WANTS war with the people of america,THEY DO plan to unleash the entire US MILITARY on you,you know that right?OBOOZO is going to NUKE the shit out of america,and ONE quick look around says it all,HOW MUCH LONGER do you think hes going to wait?can any of you SAY-RED DAWN,you better start warning everyone to get ready,CAUSE ITS COMING and nothing can be fixed,THE ENTIRE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE..YOU HAVE 70 federal agences who ARE ALL ARMED TO THE TEETH,planning to seize control,ITS GOING TO BE A BLOODBATH,do any of you understand that?………

  • HERE in colorado,all the old state police were fired,and replaced with RUSSIAN special forces active military,I talk to russian military at wal-mart all the time,THEY BRAG about what their going to do,and that says nothing of the 7 other militaries who are here with them,AND the sheriffs dept. is always with the russians to protect them,this country is finished,from local town council members to the state,their ALL rotten to the core,THIS IS TO BIG to fix,WHY DO SO FEW AMERICANS see this coming,warning WILL ROBINSON,DANGER,DANGER……..

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