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2013: CNN’s Worst Year Ever

from RTAmerica:

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7 comments to 2013: CNN’s Worst Year Ever

  • Eric

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Buhbye Cartoon News Network!

  • rich

    see a pattern?

    CNBC Core Viewership Drops To Fresh Two Decade Low

    CNBC was created by the ultimate crony-capitalist, elitist firm, GE through its then owned subsidiary NBC. Before there was CNBC, there was the Financial News Network. It was a much more free wheeling network that was not afraid to put on anti-establishment views. Everyone watched FNN.
    Then one day, I had a discussion with a GE insider, he told me that they were going to blow FNN off the map, that they were going to control financial news. He told me that they had the Q ratings for all the FNN anchors and that they were going to make huge offers for the top anchors and get huge cable penetration beyond what FNN was getting and simply destroy FNN.
    I was suspicious of the plan. Everyone watched FNN! But then, CNBC made a bid to then-FNN anchor Sue Herrera. It is reported that then-General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch directly made the bid to get her to move to CNBC. She went over. Ultimately, GE executed its plan (with some help from some financial irregularities at FNN) and destroyed FNN. CNBC acquired FNN for $154.3 million on May 21, 1991 and immediately merged the two operations. CNBC immediately took over FNN’s satellite transponder space, more than doubling its audience at one stroke
    It has taken 20 plus years, but it appears that investors are finally fed up with elitist financial news propaganda.

  • Troy

    I don’t even have satellite or cable…just internet…and if I need some news, I go to SGT Report, and BrotherJohnF. Also YouTube is great.

  • Jay

    Piers Morgan and company……need I say more? CNN is worthless.

  • Hman

    Who can stand being lied to all the time, that’s CNN.

  • jik

    If CNN was a tv show, it would have been cancelled.

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