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When the MSM Gets It, Everyone Else Can’t Be Far Behind

by Andy Hoffman,

It’s amazing how “good” economic news – like Thursday’s GDP and Friday’s employment reports – miraculously emerges after the Fed announces indefinite QE continuation, isn’t it?  To wit, going into such meetings, data is typically allowed to be seen for what it is; as amidst the complex game of propaganda, sometimes truth can be as effective as the lies written of this morning by Bill Holter.  However, once the “no tapering” deed is done, economic lies typically return in full force – perpetuating the endless myth of economic “recovery.”  You know, the one I disproved last week – which will never occur amidst the terminal stages of an historic fiat Ponzi scheme.

Of course, the GDP and NFP reports were as transparently flawed as three-legged dogs; and if not for ceaseless manipulation by the PPT and gold Cartel with nearly identical daily algorithms, it would be painfully evident just how endangered the nations finances are. 

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